Energy Transition Accelerator Financing Platform (ETAF)

Energy Transition Accelerator Financing Platform (ETAF)

Energy Transition Accelerator Financing Platform (ETAF)

The ETAF is a global finance platform managed by IRENA (international Renewable Energy Agency). Their purpose is to advance the clean energy transition in emerging and developing economies by facilitating access to funding for projects and building out a strong pipeline of investment-ready projects from IRENA’s member countries. The ETAF will leverage the capital of their funding partner to create innovative financial solutions to fully scale the ability of renewable energy technologies in developing countries.

An inclusive, multi-stakeholder climate finance solution to advance the global energy transition

About ETAF

ETAF benefits from the institutional convening power of IRENA, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and Abu Dhabi Fund for Development (ADFD), their commitment to accelerate deployment of low-carbon proven technologies, and track record of the IRENA-ADFD Facility implemented during 2013-2020.
The IRENA/ADFD Facility co-financed 26 renewable projects in 21 developing countries, creating socioeconomic and climate resilience benefits for over 4 million people in their communities.
The UAE via the ADFD anchors the ETAF with an allocation of USD 400 million to support renewable energy projects in developing countries, members of IRENA. IRENA will manage the ETAF platform and facilitate the Funding Partners access to a pipeline of project opportunities.


What ETAF offers:

PROJECT DEVELOPERS: ETAF is open to review commercially feasible projects

A) Access to funding via an Open Climate Finance Platform 

B) Technical Assistance

C) Project Registration and Submission for Funding Matchmaking

FUNDING PARTNERS – The UAE and ADFD are the first funding partners. The ETAF will incorporate new Funding Partners during 2022-2023.

a) Demand-Driven Project Pipeline: ETAF offers access to a diverse range of small-medium size local project developers who know how to navigate the complexities of their countries and regions, in depth understanding of their regulatory and institutional environments, and the modus operandi of their business communities.

b) Co-Financing and Co-Investment Opportunities

c) Funding Partners’ Credit and Risk Procedures

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