Clean Energy for Rural and Remote Communities program

Clean Energy for Rural and Remote Communities program

Clean Energy for Rural and Remote Communities program

December 12th, 2022

“Are you a small town looking for ways to fund your community clean energy project?”


Check out the Clean Energy for Rural and Remote Communities program!


This funding is provided by Natural Resources Canada to accelerate the next generation of clean energy infrastructure. The goal of this program is to further the development of green infrastructure initiatives in Canada and build a clean energy economy.


The majority of rural and remote communities that are not connected to an electricity grid are reliant on the use of diesel and fossil fuels to generate power. This form of power generation is expensive and can negatively impact the community and environment. That is why the NRC launched an initiative for clean energy in remote communities. The transition to clean energy will help advance Indigenous-led climate action, support local economic development, create jobs, and improve the environment.


The program provides funding for renewable energy projects that will work to reduce the use of fossil fuels in Indigenous, rural, and remote communities across Canada. The goal is to create environmental, social and economic benefits that will support healthy and sustainable communities by investing in clean energy solutions. 

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