GMF Community Buildings Retrofit (CBR) Initiative

GMF Community Buildings Retrofit (CBR) Initiative

GMF Community Buildings Retrofit (CBR) Initiative

GMF is offering funding to help Canadian municipalities and communities upgrade aging municipal infrastructure and develop pathways to net zero by improving energy performance, reducing operating and maintenance costs, and transitioning to cleaner energy solutions over time.

The Community Buildings Retrofit (CBR) initiative helps to optimize energy performance and reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions of community buildings owned by municipalities and not-for-profit organizations.

By retrofitting these buildings, municipalities and their partners can achieve significant environmental, economic, and social benefits for their communities, including:

  • Reduced GHG emissions
  • Lower operating costs and new local jobs
  • Better building quality and greater community use

This initiative supports all stages of project development, helping communities of all sizes reduce GHG emissions while extending their asset’s life cycle

The award is open to all Canadian municipal governments except for LC3 Low Carbon Cities (Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, and Halifax).

They are offering funding for feasibility studies, pilot stage, and ground-ready projects. Through this initiative, FCM aims to help municipalities and their partners reduce GHG emissions from community buildings by at least 50 percent within 10 years and by at least 80 percent (i.e., near net-zero GHG emissions) within 20 years. FCM also provides support for standalone retrofits that achieve GHG reductions of at least 30 percent in the near term.


See the table below for funding details.

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