Community Planning

Is your community thinking of transitioning to clean energy?
We are here to help you

Common questions:

Through community engagement and direction from an advisory committee for the project, Pioneer Infrastructure will explore the potential for green energy options, such as renewable hybrid power plants or micro grid installs, that will create green jobs and benefit the community.

Communities increasingly need technical expertise and assistance with planning for and managing the energy transition. Pioneer Infrastructure community energy planning commitments can be in the short term (as little as one week) or long term (spanning multiple years). Community energy planning can also involve either single entities, such as a government department or a municipal utility, or multiple stakeholders, such as various government departments and community groups. These best practices assume longer-duration, well-resourced community energy planning efforts; however, practitioners working on less-resourced efforts can also use this guide with modifications that depend on budget and time availability. 

After completing community planning, we can conduct a feasibility analysis which is the next step to achieve your community clean energy transition goals. 

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