Electrical Engineering

Pioneer Infrastructure provides engineering and design services for electrical power designs in emerging alternative energy markets. We can administer and manage the project, and produce designs.

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In house team of electrical engineers

In-depth comprehension of systems

High-level customization

Reduced project costs

CEC and NEC compliance

We work alongside your team to develop custom electrical engineering solutions. Our in-house electrical engineering team can tailor the level of customization required to meet your needs. We are able to provide in-depth comprehension of the systems that we are working on.

Pioneer has the technical knowledge to properly apply alternative energy technologies when designing and implementing energy systems. We have a detailed understanding of how building and construction codes impact electrical systems, our in-house team has regular exposure to how code compliance will impact design configurations. We have a strong relationship with the CEC (Canadian Electrical Code) and NEC (National Electrical Code) associations and maintain regular contact with both governing bodies to ensure all our designs, developments, projects and installations meet electrical approval. We also have experience from past and current involvement with handling AHJs (authority having jurisdictions) to meet code requirements.

Procurement Contracts (Request for proposal services)

We can also offer full-scale EPCM services to realize your clean energy project from start to finish. We will handle the electrical engineering, procurement, and construction management of the project.

Acting as the construction manager and consultant on the project, we will use our in-house team to come up with design iterations for the electrical work and subcontract the construction on our client’s behalf. Once you are ready to materialize your project, we help our clients find contractors and manage project development through third-party procurement.