GMF Core – Signature Initiative

GMF Core – Signature Initiative

GMF Core – Signature Initiative

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GMF Signature Initiative Paves the Way for Green Transformation

GMF is offering funding to help Canadian municipalities and communities upgrade aging municipal infrastructure and develop pathways to net zero by improving energy performance, reducing operating and maintenance costs, and transitioning to cleaner energy solutions over time.


The Green Municipal Fund’s (GMF) Signature Initiative emerges as a catalyst for environmental change, providing Canadian municipalities with a unique opportunity to spearhead innovative projects. This initiative is designed to accelerate the transition to a sustainable future by supporting transformative projects across various sectors. In this post, we’ll explore the overarching goals of the GMF Signature Initiative before delving into the specifics of its three distinct streams.

GMF Signature Initiative Overview

The GMF Signature Initiative is a testament to Canada’s commitment to environmental stewardship. It offers financial support to municipalities, fostering innovation and excellence in projects aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions and safeguarding natural resources. The initiative is structured into three key streams, each tailored to meet the diverse needs of municipalities in their pursuit of impactful environmental projects.

Key Highlights of the GMF Signature Initiative

  • Open to all Canadian municipal governments and partnerships with municipalities.
  • Funding designed to accommodate transformative, best-in-class municipal projects.
  • Aims to address environmental challenges and redefine municipal service delivery.
  • No pre-set environmental targets; projects evaluated on a case-by-case basis.
  • Preference for initiatives with built-in mechanisms for replication and widespread adoption.

Streams Overview

  1. Study: Signature Initiative

    • Maximum Award: $175,000
    • Grant: Up to 50% of eligible costs.
    • Objective: Support municipalities in studying bold environmental projects of all sizes.
    • Details here.
  2. Pilot Project: Signature Initiative: Pilot project:

    • Maximum Award: $500,000
      Grant: Up to $500,000 covering up to 50% of eligible costs.
    • Objective: Enable Canadian cities to pilot transformative environmental initiatives.
    • Details here.
  3. Capital Project: Signature Initiative: Capital project: Signature initiative | Green Municipal Fund

    • Maximum Award: 
      • Regular loans and grants: Up to $5 million with a grant worth up to 15% of the loan.
      • High-ranking project loans and grants: Up to $10 million with a grant worth up to 15% of the loan.
    • Objective: Provide combined loans and grants for implementing bold environmental projects.
    • Details here.


The GMF Signature Initiative embodies Canada’s dedication to fostering sustainable practices within municipalities. By offering financial support through the Core, Pilot Project, and Capital Project streams, GMF empowers communities to innovate and lead the charge towards a greener, more resilient future. Through collaboration and transformative projects, the GMF Signature Initiative is set to redefine the landscape of environmental initiatives across Canada.

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